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Who are We

Mars Battery Corporation and We Cure Foods & Technologies are dealing with Healthcare products since 2015. On any given day, these products cater to all those suffering from any type of Health and Skin issues ensuring quick healing with an assurance of usage of natural products. We work towards creating a better future every day and help people to feel good and get more out of life with a brand and services that are natural and have no size effects.

We are currently importing health care and skin care products from Australia with a brand name “DrWheatgrass”. We are the sole selling distributor for various countries in South Asia like India,UAE, other Middle East, Srilanka and so on which enables us to serve a mass audience ensuring faster recovery. An assurance to cater to all your healthcare needs with natural products.


Our vision is to grow our business, while serving billions of people all over the globe and continuously promoting well-being and good health thereby increasing our positive social impact. We also believe in creating awareness for natural products and its utility. Our business model is making a difference to millions of people’s lives and to our environmental impact and will keep working to make these contributions greater.


To Promote Good Health and wellbeing with the best healthcare and skincare solutions with a motive of resolving the issues from roots by treating naturally.

Do It Yourself

Wheatgrass seed can easily be grown at home and the juice extracted from the leaves. Numerous brands of fresh juice, wheatgrass powder and various other forms of wheatgrass are also available.

To gain maximum benefit from your homegrown plant, the leaves must be cut just above the seed mat that forms at the base of the plant. This must be done before the top of the leaf begins to divide – the so-called “jointing” phase” – i.e. after about 10-15 days.

Wheatgrass juice can be kept in the refrigerator for several days or more and still retain its bioactivity.

Dr. Chris Reynolds
We Cure Foods And Technologies